Swimming Badges

The Swimmer staged activity badges are exactly the same all the way through Beavers, Cubs, Scouts & Explorers and they all swim for free with an ActiveWestminster Passport.

Enter into 1.5m water No steps Carefully from sitting Racing dive
Straddle jump into 2m
Swim 10m on front 10m on front
10m on back
10m back legs only
50m in shirt & shorts 100m in <4m 100m in shirt & shorts then remove clothes & climb out in <3m
Tread water 30s 3m 3m one hand behind back 5m 5m, 3m of which one hand out of water
Underwater Retrieve object in chest-deep water Dive down 1.5m & touch bottom with both hands Dive down 1.5m & recover object with both hands Dive head-first & feet-first
Swim >5m underwater
Push off & glide On front & back 5m on front
Far as possible on back
Scull 10m head-first on back
Scull 10m feet-first on back
Rotate 360° in tuck position head out of water
Swim 10m, somersault, continue 10m
Survival Float on buoyancy aid for 30s Mushroom float for 10s Using float keep Heat Escape Lessening Posture for 5m Enter unknown depth of water, swim 10m to float then Heat Escape Lessening Posture for 5m
Non-stop swim 25m any stroke 100m any stroke 400m any stroke 800m as 400m on front + 400m on back 1km in <35m using 3 strokes min 200m each

There are free swimming lessons in the school holidays for all children and our Swimming Gala is at the beginning of October for Cubs, Scouts & Explorers.